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Patricia Naish

Nikki and Phoenix


Welcome to Snoozie's Cozies.  I make a range of fleece bedding and cage accessories for guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, hedgehogs and other small pets. Named after one of my wee Russian Dwarf hamsters Snoozie, Snoozie's Cozies started as a bit of an accidental business back in 2012. I owned a small animal boarding business at the time and also fostered poorly guinea pigs for my local guinea pig rescue. Once they recovered, they were supposed to go off to their new homes - though I ended up keeping most of them!!  One piggy (Phoenix) was extremely unwell when he arrived and I needed something  for him to snuggle up in, so I made my first Snoozie Cozie. Boarding customers were following Phoenix' story on Facebook, and saw him in his cozie and asked me to make them for their pigs too. Soon their friends were asking for them, and so Snoozie's Cozies was born.  I now send my cozies all over the world. And all because of wee Phoenix - who lived out the rest of his life with me (of course!) 

I currently have seven pigs who all live togther in the house with us, and have had 23 in total ( so far!) I've done a rodentology course with the Cambridge Cavy Trust, and I'm very keen on guinea pig welfare, so I will not make anything that will harm them (which is why I won't make waterproof cage liners for instance)

The piggy in the Snoozie's Cozies logo is Hamish, who was owned by a friend of mine. He was three days old at the time and is modelling a Hamster Cozie

 I do everything myself, so you may have to wait for your order, but this ensures that all items are made to the same high standard.